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Annkathrin Pöpel


Since my childhood, singing has been my elixir of life, along with an "insatiable" curiosity, paired with the spirit of research and the desire to experiment. I have relocated several times in my life. It has always been important to me to find people with whom I can sing, be it as a soloist, in ensembles or in choirs. Having grown up with church music, I turned to improvisation and especially to free improvisation through my music therapy training. I have also practiced a lot of new music in ensembles. In contrast, I also appreciate the theatrical expression of opera.

Due to my curiosity, I also studied medicine and pursue neuroscientific topics in addition to my clinical work as a doctor. Here I am particularly interested in the connection between perception and expression or emotion and emotion regulation. Biofeedback, the measurement and representation of the vegetative nervous system, provides a vivid insight into these correlations.

My biographical development is shaped by the resonance, condensations and interdependencies, but also by the distance and juxtaposition of musical, mathematical-scientific and humanistic-spiritual interests and abilities. With HeartOpera, I connect them with the respective artistic, pedagogical or scientific projects.

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